How Reviews Affect Choice of Packing and Moving Companies in Toronto

When a home move or an office move is being planned, most people look up customer reviews online and ask family or friends to share their moving experience, before finalizing the movers. As with every service, moving companies also rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. This is why customer reviews can drastically affect your choice of moving companies.

But even then, remember to take any online reviews of packing and moving companies in Toronto with a pinch of salt. Most people don’t write home unless things go awry, so expect reviews to be a little skewed. Here are a few tips to use reviews to your advantage.

Do not begin with reading reviews

While it’s great to know what other people’s experiences were like, you might want to do your own vetting and shortlisting, before delving into reviews of packing and moving companies in Toronto. Choose up to 5 services and then read their reviews. Even then, instead of scouting through all the reviews, just read a few good and a few bad ones (and even a few neutral ones if you find them) to make quick assessments.

Things reviewers will tell you and the mover probably won’t

Reviews will give you a clearer idea of things like the movers’ punctuality or logistics issues. If you are part of the committee responsible for your office moving to Toronto, it’ll be good to find out about any hidden costs – companies usually detest such surprises on the bill. Reviewers are also likely to mention if the moving company responds quickly, sends estimates soon and is generally accessible at their office address, over the telephone and via email. Those that can’t be contacted easily should raise an alarm in your head.

Don’t substitute – Supplement research with reviews

Doing your research is still more important than checking out reviews. Consider reviews to only supplement your search for all kinds of information about packing and moving companies in Toronto – don’t omit research altogether. Reviews should confirm the movers’ claims of providing an all-inclusive hourly rate, or reflect the company’s professionalism and service-orientation. Also, while looking for cheap or more affordable services for home or office moving in Toronto, make sure you find more people who agree that their services are trust-worthy, along with being inexpensive. You might also want to research and read reviews of companies that offer ridiculously cheap quotes, to verify their licensure and to know if they provide insurance coverage. Similarly, look for any mention of trucks being certified or not. Any pieces of such information will help you set the right expectations about the movers.

Reviews certainly do play a major role in a person’s choice for either home or office moving in Toronto. With multiple rewards in the moving industry and plenty of excellent reviews from happy customers.

Let’s Get Moving is one of the most superior movers in Toronto area. And customer reviews will show numerous people agree!

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