The Close Relationship Between Marijuana And Creativity.

The relationship between creative ability and marijuana is a very widespread cliché in marijuana culture, and the truth is that it is not surprising since the cultural references are very wide and remember that many of the best artists recognize that they regularly smoke marijuana.

In the musical genre, there have been many great artists who acknowledge having consumed marijuana and that it helped them in their creative processes, artists such as Jimmy Hendrix, responsible for inventing Rock & Roll, Jhon Lennon, an international figure who reinvented Pop, Bob Marley, the banner of Reggae, until more recent times with proven artists such as Snoop Dogg, Redman, Method Man, Action Bronson, and many others.

In other areas that require greater intellectual capacity, the number is much scarcer. Still, we find some great minds like the mythical Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist who excited a whole generation with his TV series “Cosmos.” He has also received the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious literary prize in the world, for his wonderful book “The Dragons of Eden,” a popular book that has become a reference as an introduction to science. Or Francis Crick, another very relevant character in the world of science, is responsible for determining the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA and who smoked marijuana.

However, there was no cultural stigma attached to this fact; it was not frowned upon, let’s go, well, at the time, it was something accepted and did not carry great consequences. However, many scientists use marijuana, but they could lose face and lose their job if they said so.

We can see very high participation of cannabis users in the most visual aspects of art, such as painting, sculpture, television, cinema, etc. where many of them openly admit to consuming marijuana regularly.

But above all, we can appreciate the excellence of special sauce CBD effects users among poets, writers, and screenwriters, a task that requires great creative capacity. Let us remember that many of the best writers admit to smoking marijuana habitually; already in the 16th century, Shakespeare composed his best works while smoking marijuana or the Spanish poet Jose Manuel Panero.

So Why Are There So Many Creative People Who Smoke Marijuana?

The answer to this day remains uncertain; however, other studies indicate that the answer may lie in other psychological and sociological factors such as personality traits, which play a fundamental role in human thought processes.

In short, these indicate that there is no established rule, but depending on the type of personality that each person has, it will affect them in one way or another. With this example, you will understand it very easily;

The consumption of marijuana and THC by a person who is very calm, calm and gentle, will very surely suit him better than a person who is too neurotic, or as we would say, “worldly.”

A calm personality will surely let the effect rise without worrying too much, enjoying it. While the neurotic person will be nothing more than thinking about what will happen to him and how it will affect him, he will surely have a bad experience and do not want to repeat it.

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