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Noise is a nuisance and can cause poor concentration at all places whether at home or the workplace. As the world continuously grows in terms of population, we are experiencing congestions which cause noise pollution. The noise from neighbors and traffic and the nearest industries or operating machines can be disgusting. Scientific studies and research hypothetically state that unwanted noise has major effects on mental and physical health. For this reason, every human wants some peace and a serene, quiet place away from any form of noise. A noise barrier wall is the best solution to any form of noise pollution.  Noise barriers are made in a way that they are purely imperforate that effectively prevent any form of any sound from passing through. Such a wall provides the best quietness and the best environment away from any form of noise pollution. Noise barrier walls are applied in various firms and industries such as power, water, and utility generation firms, roads and highways, manufacturing and industries, and heating systems. The noise barrier can also be applied in the homestead which provides the best quietness in the homestead. Before considering installing a noise barrier wall, you should consider its effectiveness in preventing noise, privacy, size, cost, and maintenance. In addition, the purpose and place to install the noise barrier wall should be considered. For example, a residential property will have a different noise barrier wall with a power generating firm. There are different types of noise barrier wall depending on the material used to make them as discussed below

                      The genre of the noise barrier wall

  • Timber noise barrier wall.

Apart from preventing sounds or any noises, timber noise barrier walls are attractive and are easy to install. They are suitable for any or most of the sites such as residential, schools, and commercial centers. They offer maximum noise reduction and also offer some forms of privacy. The style used in timber noise barrier walls prevents any form of noises from penetrating through hence they are effective. In addition, they offer and increase security as they have an anti-climb profile that can be integrated with steel-high security applications to improve the security of your home or compound. Timber noise barrier walls also have various adaptations that make them more unique and effective such as, they can be able to reflect sound one side or can absorb sound through an absorptive layer. For minimum maintenance cost and provision of long-lasting services, a timer noise barrier should be made from kiln-dried and pressure-treated timbers. The timber noise barrier walls can also be made in different designs and patterns hence you can install them according to your preference.

  • Metal noise barriers wall

Just like the timber noise barrier wall, a metal noise wall provides a noise reduction up to a 28bB which proves to be effective in preventing unwanted sound from penetrating through the walls. The metal noise barrier wall has features that make them reflective and absorptive. However, the reflective feature may cause an echo effect. They are more suitable for industrial sites as they may not be attractive as timber noise barrier walls for residential purposes. When using the metal noise barrier wall in the coast region, they should be coated to prevent rust.

  • Concrete noise barriers walls

The concrete noise barrier is easy to construct and provides very high performance. They are a bit expensive to install as compared to other noise barrier walls as they require high heights and thickness for effective performance in noise reduction. However, the concrete noise barriers may harm the environment but are effective in preventing any unnecessary/unwanted noise

  • Brick Noise barriers

The brick has a high potential in noise reduction which makes them more effective and has high potential performance. They are pleased and friendly to the environment. However, they require a high profession and experience in bricklayers to install them properly to make them more effective.

  • Acrylic noise barrier wall

The acrylic noise barrier is preferred in places where privacy is less concerned since they are transparent and provide adequate visibility. They are however very effective in preventing any form of sound/noise from any noise pollution. The acrylic noise barrier provides adequate security as they are naturally flat-surfaced making it hard for any intruder to climb.

  • Gabion walls

The gabion walls are effective noise barrier walls that reduce a high percentage of the noise of up to 60dB. They are cost-effective and attractive for all ranges of applications. When you choose gabion walls as a noise barrier, you need gabions of high height and adequate thickness to make them more effective in noise reduction. Besides, gabion walls can be constructed alongside wire mesh. However, the wire mesh is prone to rust and can be accumulated with debris and litter which may call for regular and continuous maintenance. The gabion walls may not be as secure as the other noise barrier walls as gabion may be easy to climb by the use of wire mesh. However, they are effective in noise reduction, especially in large areas.

  • Earth Bunds walls

The earth buns walls are originally meant to direct water flow from the site but are more effective in noise barriers. The earth buns wall is mostly used in fencing as they act as a sound barrier since they require large spaces. Sometimes plants and unwanted weeds may grow on the earth’s bund walls which make them more attractive. However, some people may dislike the plant and hence regularly maintain the wall by clearing the back plants.

To wrap up, noise barrier walls may play crucial roles apart from just preventing noise such as providing security and beautification of the site. However, with a wide range of noise barrier walls, it’s easy to be confused about the best wall to install for your site. Nevertheless, it’s always good to consult a specialist with the experience to guide you on the best noise barrier depending on the site and the noise you wish to prevent.

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