Understanding the Fees Charged by the Family Lawyer 

Among the several law firms that you may come across, consider looking for the one offering quality services without burning a significant hole in your pocket. It would be important for you to look forward to asking a few essential questions to the potential Ramos Law Group, PLLC before hiring their legal services. 

How long would they respond to phone calls and emails? 

It is imperative to be aware of the time it may take between calling or emailing your attorney and receiving a response. For a majority of people, it would be convenient to have an attorney who could respond to your queries or concerns in a matter of 24-hours. It would be in your best interest to understand the policies of your attorney before your case progresses. You should also inquire about the mode of communication preferred by the attorney – 

  • phone 
  • email 
  • as needed 
  • daily, or 
  • weekly 

A good attorney would provide personalized attention. The attorney would also help you streamline your communications for reducing your legal costs. 

How do they charge for the legal services? 

When inquiring about the fees of the family law attorney, consider inquiring if they would provide an estimate for your case. 

During your consultation, inquire how the attorney would charge you for his or her legal services. What do they offer? 

  • an hourly rate 
  • a flat rate 
  • contingency services 

You should inquire about the other costs involved in your case. It would be inclusive of the following – 

  • court costs 
  • travel expenses 
  • outside consultants 

A good family attorney should be upfront about the costs involved and the working of the billing process. 

If you were thinking of hiring a family lawyer for a flat fee, consider finding out the services inclusive in the scope of the agreement. You should also inquire what would happen if the legal requirements go beyond that scope. 

In the event, the attorney charged you an hourly rate; consider asking how much cases like yours would usually cost. Rest assured that a majority of family lawyers would provide you with an estimate for your case; only a good attorney would explain the several aspects affecting the cost of your case. It could be inclusive of the behavior of the opposing party along with the opposing counsel, the facts of the case uncovered at a later date, and more 

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