How Can Veterans Apply for Benefits If They’ve Been Denied?

If you have served in the military and have sustained an injury or contracted an illness while working on a military base or active duty, you will most likely be eligible to claim veteran’s benefits. To qualify for these benefits, military personnel are required to meet certain criteria. Sometimes, the Department of Veterans Affairs, commonly known as VA, could deny the claims for these benefits, and the veteran may have to re-apply. It is recommended to hire a good lawyer who can help you successfully claim your benefits in such cases.

When Can You Apply for Veteran’s Benefits?

Military personnel have to deal with dangerous and difficult situations while serving overseas and at home. Several veterans retire and return to civilian life with mental, emotional, or physical injuries or conditions that prevent them from resuming a productive daily life. The VA understands that some of these seen or unseen conditions are a reality and offer benefits to qualifying veterans who are not dishonorably cleared from service.

To be eligible to receive veteran’s benefits, you should have experienced an injury or developed a mental or physical condition while on duty. Military personnel could also be eligible to receive benefits if their pre-existing condition aggravated during service. It is essential to note that your condition does not have to be completely disabled to qualify for benefits. The VA system offers partial ratings that provide benefits depending on the extent of your disability.

Types of Injuries That Qualify for Veteran’s Benefits

The military serviceman or a woman can qualify for VA Disability benefits or associated compensations for any injuries during service. This means that the injuries do not have to be those related to battlefield wounds exclusively. Even if you a person was injured while playing a sport when on active duty, they could still qualify to file the claim. Besides, any disabilities associated with alcohol or drug abuse may also permit benefits. Moreover, mental or emotional conditions, exposure to toxic chemicals or substances entitle victims to compensation.

Avoid Being Caught Up in The Veteran’s Benefits Backlog

It is a known fact that the VA is under-resourced and understaffed. This has caused several deserving military personnel to be caught up in the disability benefits processing backlog. To help veterans secure benefits promptly, the VA has implemented a ‘Fully Developed Claim’ or FDC program. Under the FDC program, a veteran can seek help from a qualified lawyer to minimize delays. The FDC allows the veteran to proceed to the Regional Office with their claim directly, and if the claim is filed correctly, they can receive their decision in a matter of few months.

How Can A Good Veteran’s Benefits Lawyer Help You?

For a successful FDC, it is imperative to hire a knowledgeable legal counsel who will basically do the VA’s job of gathering evidence and producing complete documentation to support your case. A skilled Veteran’s disability lawyer can help you skip the typical delay and wait time of 8 to 18 months by helping you navigate smoothly and easily through the procedure so that you receive the benefits you deserve.

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