What to Include in Your Holiday Bullet Journal Spread

Along with adult coloring books and slime-making, bullet journaling has become one of the most popular creative trends that popped up in the past few years.

Market research company The NPD Group conducted a study between 2017 and 2018 and found that U.S. consumers spent almost $210 million on different kinds of notebooks usually used for bullet journaling in just one year. Today, with over 6 million posts under the hashtag #bulletjournal on Instagram, there’s no denying this form of creative expression is favored by many.

Bullet journal, or simply bujo, is like a scrapbook, diary, and planner rolled into one. Those who do it create a group of pages called “spreads” based on a certain theme, event, or topic. And with Christmas around the corner, bullet journalists are undoubtedly preparing for their December or Christmas spreads.

If you still don’t know what to include in yours, we’ve listed a few ideas for your bujo Christmas spread below.

    1. December overview

December is always a busy month, so it would be useful to view what it will look like for you clearly. Create a spread that gives you an overview of December with a small calendar and a list of important dates you need to remember. With a few embellishments, like festive, playful pets, you can make this spread holiday-ready.

     2. Christmas gift ideas

Some people are born great gift-givers, but others are not as lucky. If you’re one of the latter, the upcoming gift-giving season can be stressful. So why not create a spread dedicated to gift ideas for the important people in your life?

You can use this spread whenever you see something or get an idea about a gift for a loved one. Write them all down and use your list to come up with the best gift choice.

     3. Christmas movies

One of the best things about Christmas is the abundance of old and new feel-good holiday-themed movies that set the season’s festive mood.

If you’re planning on binge-watching your old favorites and the new ones on streaming platforms, you might be inspired to create a bujo spread about it. You can choose your favorite quote, make a must-watch list, or create a collage based on your favorite Christmas movie.

     4. Creative Christmas countdown

Build up your excitement and anticipation over the upcoming holiday by creating a Christmas countdown. You can draw a Christmas tree with 25 ornaments that you get to color with every day that passes. You can also create an advent calendar where you draw Christmas-themed things every day until you reach the 25th. You may be too old for Santa Claus, but this spread can still make you feel young as you count down towards Christmas.

      5. Holiday bucket list

With so many things to do, it can be easy to miss out on the magic of the season. To set your priorities straight, create a bujo spread featuring your Christmas bucket list.

This can include family traditions, like wearing an ugly sweater, reading a Christmas romance book, or visiting a Christmas market in your area. Whatever’s on your bucket list, make sure it’s something that will make your holidays more magical and cozy.

There’s no better time to go all out on your bujo spreads than during the holiday season. There are so many ideas to be inspired by and memories worth immortalizing between the pages of your bujo. Try out some of our examples above to make your bujo festive.

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